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Top 5 Tips how to furnish small spaces

Posted by Mariel Oviedo on July 23, 2014

Whether you’re downsizing your space or setting up your first apartment, managing a small space can present unique challenges. Here’s 5 tips on how to make the most of a small space;

1) Color and Contrast

Neutrals like white and cream are the best colors for walls, but you can also opt to use bold colors but always keeping on mind the general rule. If you want to make a space appear even bigger, try painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls, and paint the entryway a few shades darker than the main room. Moving from the hall to the main living area, your guests will perceive the lighter, brighter, living space as bigger than it really is. To balance two bright color and contrast your neutral paint, add a black element. It can be a vase, area rug, pillow, or picture frame. The black object will help integrate all the colors you’re using, balance is very important in small spaces.

2) Resizing

If you can’t walk around the furniture or it looks cluttered, either there’s too much stuff or the stuff is too big. Your bed is probably the largest piece of furniture you own, the best way to integrate the bed into the surrounding room is to have it blend in with the walls and carpet. If you don’t have room for bedside tables after the bed is in place, try putting floating shelves on the walls. You’ll be saving space and giving yourself an area for a lamp and alarm clock. Too many accessories make small spaces look cluttered, and when they’re too large, they look clunky and mismatched. The best solution is to audition accessories and place them in groups of two or three items throughout your space. Leave plenty of open, uncluttered area around them.

3) Kitchen

Free up precious cabinet real estate by displaying attractive items like bowls, crystal and vases instead of keeping them out of sight. Use multi-tasking appliances, like convection microwaves and blenders that morph into mixers and food processors. Hang pot lids on racks mounted on cabinet doors and hang the pots themselves on decorative display racks.

4) Bathroom

Use over-the-door and decorative hooks to hang items like robes and towels that you use frequently. Use shower caddy-type shelving for necessary items, and over-the-commode shelf units. Install a mirror with storage behind it, and employ wire shelving to maximize the space under the sink.

5) Cozy up

Add incandescent light. Incandescent light is warm light and will help reduce the glare and impersonal look of white walls. Take it a step further and add a stained glass shade. It will offer up some color and interest, especially if the walls are bare.

Add some pillows, a few throws and an area rug. There’s nothing like fabric to make an apartment feel cozy. To help create a casual and friendly atmosphere, try introducing a plaid throw, or a rug with a small printed design that will read solid from a distance.

Introduce a few plants. Plants are alive, and that can make a big difference in a small, impersonal space. They add texture and dimension to your environment, contribute color and clean the air. Dollar for dollar, they’re one of the best decorating choices you can make.

Information provided by How Stuff Works.

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