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Temporada de Huracanes 2015

Posted by Mariel Oviedo on June 8, 2015

Do You know how to react to a storm, cyclone or hurricane?

Our commitment is to keep our clients informed to take the necessary measures in case of a storm or hurricane in our country.

“Last year’s hurricane numbers were a little bit higher than what we’re forecasting right now, but the environmental conditions are somewhat similar to last year,” Expert Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said. “Last year’s upper-level winds actually looked like an El Niño-type pattern, so what we got last year will be pretty much the same as this year,” he said.

An El Niño weather pattern usually causes frequent periods of high wind shear. Wind shear causes the vertical column of spinning air within a system to become tilted, inhibiting the development of storms. However we must be prepared now and not wait for the arrival of a hurricane to our island is announced.

The names assigned for this season are:

  • ANA
  • BILL
  • FRED
  • IDA
  • KATE
  • ROSE
  • SAM

We make the following recommendations:

1. The insured values ​​must be updated at replacement cost of their property and building furniture at cost of reconstruction.

2. Report any property that has not been declared in the policy.

3. Make sure you pay any outstanding balance of payment.

4. Maintain its accounting records and important documents in a safe place and / or to back up.

5. Always keep you updated to the forecasts of the National Bureau of Meteorology.

6. Stock up on necessary supplies such as batteries, drinking water, first aid kit, including continuous use medicines and canned foods. Store important documents in plastic bags, etc.

7. Once you have hurricane warning, protect doors and glass windows with playwood of ½ inch thick, fixing them to the wall with screws.

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