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Top 10 ways to improve your Outdoor living space in Dominican Republic

Posted by Mariel Oviedo on September 16, 2014

Outdoor living spaces can be really beneficial to homeowners who love spending time outside and entertain family and friends. You want your outdoor living space to be both cozy and functional. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors while being just as comfortable as you would be indoors. These 10 tips will help you add charm and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

1. Mood Lighting

Use colored lights on the deck, around the pool, near the bar, and in the gazebo to

2. Include a variety of seating options

Benches, chairs, even pint-size stools: As many choices as you can include in an outdoor living space will help family and friends enjoy it. Note: Don’t include too many that traffic patterns become cluttered.

3. Secret path

Paths are great tools in outdoor living spaces for more than just finding your way. Include a gentle curve in the design and a path is instantly transformed into a walkway that encourages discovery and exploration in the garden. Here, this brick-lined version leads to a secluded sitting spot.

4. Accessorize with colors

Pots of all shapes and sizes are great options to add dashes of color and texture to outdoor living spaces. Go for lightweight versions or put yours on movable bases to make shifting them around easier. Place a few at corners of a deck or patio to establish borders, or use a rotating series of seasonal plants — pansies in spring, daisies in summer, mums in autumn — for an ever-changing color palette.

5. Arranging furnitures

Clever furniture arrangement is all it takes to establish a variety of uses in one outdoor living space. For example, in a smaller space, place a bench and dining table closer to a corner; in a larger one use different textures or rugs to break up dining and relaxing areas.

6. Privacy

You may want part of your outdoor living space to be more private than another area. Shrubs or dwarf trees are a softly textured way to accomplish that goal; containers planted with vines scrambling up a treillis are another good screening option.

7. Outdoor Bar

This is the perfect comination to attract your friends and family to any get-together.

8. Outdoor Kitchen

There are so many ideas of how you can improve you outdoor kitchen area better. The grill is typically at the center of any outdoor kitchen, but with the right setup you can do much more than cook steaks in your outdoor space. In addition to a grill, you can build your open-air kitchen around a refrigerator, sink, food prep areas, or even a wood-fired pizza oven. Adding a sink outside near the grill will make outdoor dinner preparation easier and more efficient. Tuck a little cooking area next to the pool, and transform your sunny retreat into a functional summer activity center. A built-in dining area to the left of the grill provides the perfect spot for a casual dinner or a place to entertain guests while you cook. The stacked-stone design of this outdoor kitchen blends well with the natural setting.

9. Pergola/ Gazebo

A large pergola allows you to enjoy the outdoors while protecting you from the sun. This exterior living space is complete with a cook center, dining counter, sitting area, and fireplace. You can also add a Gazebo which is a fantastic way to turn your backyard into a calming retreat. Pump out your outdoor space area by adding a sound system where everybody can hear the music from outside your house.

10. Pool

The main attraction of a house is a backyard pool. Whether it is a hot tube, small pool or a big infinity pool, there are endless options when it comes to the shape or size of a pool, you just have to make it your private oasis.

Some information provided by Better Homes and Gardens.

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