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DR hits six million tourists in 2016

Posted by Mariel Oviedo on January 16, 2017

The Dominican Republic was very close to attracting six million tourists during the past year. According to data from the Central Bank, the accumulated arrival of non-resident passengers at the end of 2016, which includes foreign visitors and non-resident Dominicans, reached 5,959,347 people, arriving 359,488 additional travelers with respect to the year 2015, equivalent to An accumulated year-on-year growth of 6.4%.

According to the most recent BC report on tourist flows, 83.8% are foreign tourists (301,154 passengers) and the remaining 16.2% are foreign residents (58,334 passengers).

On arrival in December 2016, 606,846 non-resident passengers arrived by air in that month, including foreigners and Dominicans, posting a year-on-year growth of 4.0%, which in absolute terms equals 23,093 additional visitors with Compared to the same month of 2015.

Within this result, the segment of foreigners, whose weight in the arrival of non-resident passengers in that month was 80.4%, registered an annualized increase of 3.8% (17,928 additional passengers) in relation to December 2015. Likewise, The influx of non-resident Dominicans, with a 19.6% share, experienced a year-on-year growth of 4.5%, ie 5,165 additional passengers.

The behavior of the arrival of foreign visitors in the month of December was influenced by the decrease in the flow of visitors from Venezuela, which increased from 24,764 in December 2015 to 14,702 in December 2016, for a reduction of 10,062 passengers, which is seen Reflected in the fall of 3.6% in the arrival of passengers by the airport Las Americas, where most travelers from that country enter.

The report highlights that the arrival of tourists in December, excluding Venezuelans, experienced a year-on-year growth of 6.3%, which arrived mainly in Punta Cana, an airport that received 66.9% of the total number of foreign visitors who entered the area in 2016.

At the end of 2016 the year-on-year growth rate of the tourist flow of non-resident foreigners in terms of trend-cycle was 4.1%, which allows projecting that the flow of foreign currency to the country for tourism income for the year 2017, will continue to increase favorably.

Including the influx of resident passengers, the total arrival of passengers resident and non-resident by air in 2016 amounted to 6,558,982 passengers, for a year-on-year change of 6.6%, which represents an additional 407,979 passengers compared to the year 2015.

The arrival of non-resident foreigners to the country according to regions of provenance in December 2016 shows that 55.4% of the visitors arrived from North America, 27.8% from Europe, 12.0% from South America, 4.5% from Central America and the Caribbean and the remaining 0.3%, from Asia and the Rest of the World.

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